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Earthschool Harmony

Back To Grace

Please enjoy these short quotes, taken from some of the healing poetry found within Back to Grace:-

"Memory is not scribed

in permanent ink"

"Love is a force

as real as gravity"

"Moments of light

still in gestation

tantalize and intrigue me" 

"Immersed in surrender and gratitude

celestial pearls of wisdom form rosaries of prayer

that entangle with my Soul." 

"Through invisible grace

life and death entwine"        

"May you awaken this day

to the holiness

of your own being"  

"I am drawn graciously

a little deeper

into the rapture of the mystery" 

"Within this holy vibration I come home to my heart.

Now I shall open my wings and fly." 

"I am one with the soul of the universe."

"Sacred chants of worship spiral up into the light,

dancing from the lips of a soul in ecstatic rapture."